The truth

"If the only truth people willing to speak is
Half the truth.

Wouldnt that make lies better?

And if being alive means
Being half alive.

Wouldnt death be better?"




How do you know if something is real
Without a subjective perspective?
How do you know if something is true
When asking a question is wrong?

And if to feel anything is wrong.
How can I ever be  right then?
When everything I do
is wrong?-Helaria


Most certainly, hopefully not.

"I learn.
In life
I learn that I was wrong
A lot of time.

Most certainly, I was wrong about you. 

Now that
I have to live my life 
Knowing that I could be wrong again. 

Most certainly, about him."- Helaria


October 2015

"Oh but how can the wind alter? When she was born by storm 
And raised by thunder?"



1095 days

September 2015

Here I am
Reminiscing the symphonies
The smile, the jokes
The ones I am sure have faded away

But, I found no one
to hate
Nothing to blame
It's the time who decided to change
for it bores him already

And there's nothing I can do
to bring back the season
I am a mere mortal

For the summer has decided to go
He'd found a place to rest

Letting the unspoken
Letting the undone

Now the season has altered
And the sun has left me to hope
That someday
I'll let go. -Helaria